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1. What is a LoveLexicon?

A LoveLexicon is a simple list of questions to which you want to receive answers.


      1. What is your name?

      2. How old are you?

      3. What movies you like?

      4. What is your opinion about a certain topic?

      5. How would you react if ....?

      6. Give me some thoughts about...?

      7. Give a description of your perfect type?

      ...... and so on, and so on....

You can have as many questions in one lexicon as you want. 

You can have as many lexicons as you want.

2. How to publish one?

Go to the home page of the forum and find section "Love Lexicons".

Decide the type of audience you want to have and choose the forum you want to publish in your Lexicon.

Currently, there are two places that you can do so - "From Men" for love lexicons created from men and "From Women" for lexicons created from women. Pretty simple, isn't it 🙂

Once you decide where you want to publish your LoveLexicon, enter the forum and click on "Add Topic".

The only thing left to do before publishing your first Lexicon is to register. To do that just click here and create your first account.

!!! IMPORTANT !!! 

The name of the topic is up to you, but our suggestion is to use the most provocative question that you have or the one which answer is the most wanted from you. 

The main idea of MyLoveLex Forum is to get users to send their answers in private messages by copying the questions and filling their answers in a private message to the creator of the lexicon, but there will be always people who will answer publicly just by pasting their answers as a reply directly in the topic. There is nothing wrong with that, but if you just want to receive only private answers, please contact us here and send us the link of your topic. We will close the topic and the only way for people to answer your questions will be through your profile via private message.

3. How to answer a LoveLexicon?

The way we want this Lexicon system to work is to give you the chance to ask your questions and have the answers privately sent in your profile private messages. 

For this to happen if you want to answer a LoveLexicon questions, please follow the steps below:

      1. Find a Lexicon that you want to give an answer to.

      2. Copy the questions.

      3. Open the profile of the author of the Lexicon

      4. Click on "Private message" and paste the questions there. Go through each question and fill in the answer you want to give. This way the only one that will be able to see your answers is the author of the Lexion.

If you choose to answer directly as a reply to the topic in which a LoveLexicon is posted everyone will be able to see your answers.


We hope this is a good explanation of the way LoveLexicons work. If you have questions, please ask here, so we can answer publicly and everyone else will be able to have more information and process will be much more pleasant for everyone.

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